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Freepascal OpenGL bindings for NVIDIAs Linux Display Driver

With nvGL Freepascal developers can make full use of hardware accelerated display of 2D/3D graphics in their projects.

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FPC provides OpenGL units, so why should I use nvGL?

The OpenGL units that come with the stable FPC release seem to be developed by people with little or no OpenGL knowledge. They need some tuning/bug fixing to perform even simple tasks and they are outdated. nvGL offers you the newest OpenGL features exposed by NVIDIAs Linux Display Driver.

Why only NVIDIA hardware?

First of all NVIDIA offers the best Linux support for consumer level 3D cards. I developed nvGL for my personal use and therefor it supports the hardware I own. And lack of time keeps me from supporting other hardware. Last but not least nvGL may work with other hardware (not tested) but of course not all features of that hardware will be usable.

What do I need?

1. The Freepascal compiler
2. OpenGL capable graphics card
3. (will be installed by your Display Driver)

Where are the downloads?

At the moment the only way to get nvGL is via cvs. (no password just hit enter)
export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs login
cvs -z3 co nvgl

OK, I have it and now?

Include nvGL and nvGLX in your uses clause and there you go. If you want to use GLU you should also include sgiglu.